DIAG IM3 - Page 52

MOUTH-OPENERS - ACCESSORIES MOUTH-OPENERS - ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES RINSING PEAR RINSING PISTOL ACC_POIR ACC_PR200ML - Capacity : 250 ml - Capacity : 200 ml HYDRO JET ACC_SHJ - Hydro Jet with battery and charger - Rinsing nozzle - Incisor nozzle - Diastema nozzle - Storage bag - 1-liter bottle - 6-meter water tube RINSING SYRINGE ACC_SERIN - Capacity : 400 ml STAINLESS STEEL BUCKET ACC_SI12L - Capacity : 12 litres - Protective rubber layer on the bottom of the bucket - Stainless steel The diastema nozzle is made for flushing and treating diastemas and removing food residues. Its length and shape allows you to easily reach the back of the mouth. ACC_ED The rinsing nozzle is for general mouth cleaning before and after each intervention. Its curved shape allows. ACC_ER The incisor nozzle allows to clean interdental spaces. Designed to easily work on incisors and canines. 52 53 ACC_EI