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MOUTH-OPENERS - ACCESSORIES MOUTH-OPENERS - ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES Our plates can be used with Optimum, Millenium & Standard mouth-openers - Stainless steel CLASSIC PLATES LARGES PLATES OB_PLAL OB_PLAC Like the arch spreader, these plates make work on the vestibular part easier. MAGNETIC LAMP OB_LOBV5 - Integrated magnetic holder - Enhanced connections - Battery autonomy : 12 hrs - Light charge : 130 lumens - Angle : 170 ° RECHARGEABLE LED HEAD LAMP ACC_LFLV2 BITE PLATES CLASSIC PLATES OB_PLABC LARGES PLATES OB_PLABL - Adjustable light beam (160 m maximum range) - Equipped with a USB cable, Li-ion battery and a multi voltage power adapter - Can also be used with 4 AAA batteries - 60 hours maximum battery life - Tilting (easy to focus) - 300 Lumens light intensity The new LED LENSER H7R.2 rechargeable headlamp is brighter, smarter, more durable and comfortable than the "standard" H7R version SURGICAL LAMP + CARRYING CASE ACC_LCV2 Large surface tooth plates for an easy access on horses with incisor malocclusions INCISOR PLATES - Rigid helmet - Lamp intensity : 100 000 Lux - Maximum battery life : 75 hours - Weight : 330 g OB_PLAI Specially designed for safe work on the incisors Powerful professional lamp. Possibility to set both the intensity and luminous flow. Very comfortable with a possibility to adjust and block height and width. Batteries can be recharged directly on a power source, without removing (3 x AAA). 50 51