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PROFILING EQUIPMENT PROFILING EQUIPMENT POLYFLOAT POLYFLOAT The Polyfloat is a very versatile tool which allows a global dentistry treatment, from routine profiling to decay and diastema treatment, thanks to a complete range of 14 different burrs (the Polyfloat is delivered wihout burr). It exists in different shapes and sizes, adapted to every type of dentistry practice. POLYFLOAT SHORT STRAIGHT FRA_POLYV2C - The 360° rotating head allows optimal access (twist system on the curved version only) - The curved version follows the natural shape of the jaw, allowing better access in the back of the mouth - A range of 14 different burrs for every type of treatment (profiling, decay, diastema, bit-seat) - Easy maintenance (no greasing necessary) - The ergonomic rubber handle allows an optimal grip POLYFLOAT STANDARD STRAIGHT FRA_POLYV2 POLYFLOAT MEDIUM STRAIGHT FRA_MPOLYV2 POLYFLOAT LONG STRAIGHT FRA_GPOLYV2 POLYFLOAT STANDARD CURVED TWIST FRA_POLYCV2 POLYFLOAT MEDIUM CURVED TWIST FRA_MPOLYCV2 POLYFLOAT LONG CURVED TWIST FRA_GPOLYCV2 16 17