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PROFILING EQUIPMENT PROFILING EQUIPMENT FLEXXIDISC FLEXXIDISC FLEXXIDISC SHORT STRAIGHT FRA_F7C The Flexxidisc is a versatile burr perfectly adapted for an efficient work on overgrowths as well as for routine profiling. It exists in different shapes and sizes adapted to every type of dentistry practice. FLEXXIDISC STANDARD STRAIGHT FRA_F7 - A high quality diamond disc (± 900 horses) - Diamond minimizes soft tissus damage - The small height of the head eases work on the 11th - The 360° rotating head allows optimal access (twist system on the curved version only) - The curved version follows the natural shape of the jaw, allowing better access in the back of the mouth FLEXXIDISC MEDIUM STRAIGHT FRA_MF7 - Easy maintenance (no greasing necessary) - The ergonomic rubber handle allows an optimal grip FLEXXIDISC LONG STRAIGHT FRA_GF7 FLEXXIDISC RANGE FLEXXIDISC STANDARD CURVED TWIST FRA_F8T FLEXXIDISC MEDIUM CURVED TWIST FRA_MF8T (1) Also available in diameter of 28 mm FLEXXIDISC LONG CURVED TWIST FRA_GF8T 14 15