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PROFILING EQUIPMENT PROFILING EQUIPMENT N1 ENGINE ACCESSORIES HDE FLOAT The HDE FLOAT is designed for occasional practice of equine dentistry. Stock of pins HDE FLOAT - CURVED QUICK SHEAR PIN FLEX_QA HDEF_220VCLC - A full 360° rotation - Aluminum - Shear pins sold separately Stop wasting time and shear pins! The Quick Shear Pin allows to replace shear pins easily CLUTCH FRA_LCV3 - The clutch is a protection system for the N1 engine - Weight : 0.165 kg HDE FLOAT - STRAIGHT HDEF_220VLC Drive Shaft SHEATH RIGHT : ACC_FD LEFT : ACC_FG Clutch Drill PNEUMATIC EVOLUTION FOOTSWITCH MOT_PPPC 12 N1 ENGINE FOOTSWITCH MOT_006 13