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PROFILING EQUIPMENT PROFILING EQUIPMENT WATERCOOLING N1 ENGINE Powerful : for a regular equine dentistry practice Simplicity : light and worn at the belt, it makes movements easy Adjustable speed : the practitioner adapts the speed to the treatment Versatile : works with any type of HDE burr Watercooling is an option which can be adapted to the EVOLUTION engine. Conceived to reduce heating when working on overgrowths as well as minimizing dentine dust. WATERCOOLING BAG N1 ENGINE MEV_KSIR MOT_1CREU - Maximum capacity : 1,25 L - Dimensions : 40 x 22 cm - Easy fastening with snaps on the EVOLUTION Engine braces - Weight (empty) : 0.7 kg - Power supply 220V or 110V - 4000 - 9000 rpm - Supplied with power cord + belt European version (Swiss - UK versions available) QUICKFLEX DRIVE SHAFT - WATERCOOLING - Quickflex reinforced drive shaft w/ spring 1 m for Evolution - Quickflex reinforced drive shaft w/ spring 1.20 m for Evolution - Quickflex reinforced drive shaft w/ spring 1.60 m for Evolution FLEX_R90SQEIR FLEX_R120SQEIR FLEX_R160SQEIR QUICKFLEX DRIVE SHAFT - Stainless steel quality - Available lengths : 1.20 m - 1.60 m - QUICKFLEX system for a quick fastening, for all HDE drive shafts FLEXXIDISC - WATERCOOLING - Flexxidisc medium straight twist - Flexxidisc long straight twist - Flexxidisc medium curved twist - Flexxidisc long curved twist FRA_MF7IR FRA_GF7IR FRA_MF8TIR FRA_GF8TIR 1,20 m POLYFLOAT - WATERCOOLING 1,60 m With stainless steel shear pins FLEX_R120SQAI With stainless steel shear pins FLEX_R160SQAI With brass shear pins FLEX_R120SQAL With brass shear pins FLEX_R160SQAL DRIVE SHAFT SHEAR PINS - Polyfloat medium straight twist (without burr) - Polyfloat long straight twist (without burr) - Polyfloat medium curved (without burr) - Polyfloat long curved (without burr) FRA_MPOLYV2IR FRA_GPOLYV2IR FRA_MPOLYCV2IR FRA_GPOLYCV2IR FLEX_INOX FLEX_LAIT Stainless steel shear pins Brass shear pins Bag of 20 Bag of 50 Recommended with all axle drills Recommended with FLEXXIDISC & POLYFLOAT 10 11