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| 6 KRUUSE Rehabilitation Equipment 01 KRUUSE Rehab Joint Protectors Designed by ReDog of SwedenTM Orthosis is an orthopedic device that is applied outside the body to compensate for the loss of function and the KRUUSE Rehab Protectors help dogs with lameness and joint pain to an improved quality of life through a surface support. KRUUSE Rehab The protectors have both an elastic and a stabilising effect. Protection contributes to a dry heat because it is water-resistant. The protectors reduce pain and swelling by back pressure and improves the balance between muscle groups and involved points. Improved flexibility in tight muscles enables the dog to quickly regain a normal walking pattern. Increased pressures and reduced concentration reduce the burden on the relief joints. The goal is to prevent secondary damage and problems, and reduce the damage penalty. The protectors are water-resistant, and keep the joint and muscles dry even if the weather is wet. The elastic material on the dog’s skin ensures that the material is breathable so skin problems can be avoided. In the unlikely case of swelling and redness you must contact a veterinarian or physiotherapist. www.kruuse.com In most cases, a thin sock / cotton bud can be applied between protector and skin to eliminate problems.