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| 42 KRUUSE Rehabilitation Equipment 01 Fit Fur Life Ground Treadmill Cat. No Pk. size Training, rehabilitation and exercise treadmills for all breeds of dogs. The professional model is a heavy-duty machine designed for frequent use by veterinary practices, physiotherapists and hydrotherapy clinics and dog training units. It is ideal for larger breeds including St Bernards, Great Danes, Greyhounds, Deer Hounds and Irish Wolf Hounds. The overall benefit of using the Fit Fur Life treadmill is to provide a finely controlled, precise and measured form of exercise. Orthopaedic, fracture and spinal rehabilitation KRUUSE Rehab Cover for Fit Fur Life Ground Treadmill • • • • • Improves post operative rehabilitation in any joint surgery Improves joint flexibility Increases and re-builds muscle tissue Improves limb balance Aids rate of recovery after surgery Arthritis and joint disease • • • • Controlled cardio vascular workout improving overall circulation Encourages agility through strengthening and building muscle tissue Inclines feature aids rehabilitation of hip, hock and lower spinal problems Declines feature aids rehabilitation of shoulder, elbow and pastern problems Obesity control • Improves cardiac function and tolerance gradually • Improves muscle tone • Dramatic improvement in attitude, well being and fitness Pre-show conditioning • Gain optimal appearance • Avoid lengthy grooming during bad weather • General exercise and fitness - dogs become obsessed with it Fit Fur Life Treadmill Professional www.kruuse.com Console with 4 window LED display 272370 See video at www.kruuse.com 1