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| 36 KRUUSE Rehabilitation Equipment 01 Companion Therapy lasers Cat. No Pk. size Companion Therapy Compact CTS therapy laser, 15 W 141895 1 Bag for Companion Therapy System CTS therapy laser 141896 1 Diode laser surgery kit for Companion CTS therapy laser 141897 1 KRUUSE Rehab KRUUSE offers the best-selling Class IV therapy laser on the market, Companion from the US company LiteCure LLC. The US market for therapy lasers has grown rapidly over the last five to six years. With their innovative design and distinct understanding of the underlying principles of laser therapy, LiteCure LLC has developed a series of therapy lasers especially for the veterinary market. LiteCure LLC has been the key driver behind the research and development of laser therapy in veterinary practice. Focusing on supporting research in laser therapy they have created the most advanced and evidence based clinical protocols in the market. Companion Therapy System CTS Therapy Laser The most powerful Therapy Laser in the market with a maximum output of 15 Watts. State-of-the-art touch screens with 3D animation combined with a comprehensive Laser Library allows the clinician to educate the client about their pet’s condition, and show the benefits of deep tissue laser therapy. Smart Coat™ Plus technology, developed by LiteCure, is the industry’s first technology that defines and administers optimal treatment dosages based on the body type, hair length, skin and coat color of your patient. All this combined with a full library of canine, feline and equine preset treatment protocols make Companion Therapy CTS the optimal solution in Veterinary Laser Therapy. Companion Therapy CTS system includes www.kruuse.com • • • • • • • CTS Therapy laser system 2 sets of laser applicators with 4 interchangeable, application-specific han YXHXYŒ\\Y]H\Y܈[ܝ][ۂ\\X[X[X\܈ۋ[[HRSSH\\\‹H[X[ۈ\[[ۈ[\]Z[H\\\\BHY\[Hۈ]\[\H\\\\BH\\\\H[H\[[ۈ[[X[XXBH\\\\H܈H\]Z[H]]B