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Companion Stance AnalyzerTM Cat. No Pk. size | 35 KRUUSE Rehabilitation Equipment The Stance Analyzer is a great tool that quickly and objectively diagnoses lameness in dogs of any shape and size. As the pet stands anywhere within each quadrant, the Stance Analyzer assesses the weight distribution of each leg, helping to pinpoint the source of any problem. The Stance Analyzer can detect unequal weight distribution and aid in the diagnosis of a variety of complex issues such as early onset arthritis, partial cruciate tears, hip dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease and other issues as well. Clinical Benefits KRUUSE Rehab • Monitor improvement and track patient progress over time • Quick, easy, non-invasive diagnosis • Validates treatments to pet owners • Eliminates subjective interpretation • Assess treatment protocol for effectiveness The Stance Analyzer is easy to integrate into any practice, and is a critical piece of an on-going rehabilitation programme, proving guidance to veterinarians and proof to pet owners when the prescribed treatment is working. 279940 1 www.kruuse.com Companion Stance Analyzer