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FitPAWS® Targets Cat. No Pk. size | 27 KRUUSE Rehabilitation Equipment Target training can be a fun and engaging way to teach the dog to: • • • • Get used to a piece of new equipment Step on a specific mark Stay in a particular place Learn body awareness KRUUSE Rehab The Targets can help the dog become accustomed to the FitPAWS equipment. This is especially helpful if the dog doesn’t know an “up” command. First have the dog learn to touch the Targets, when they are on the floor. Once the dog masters the touch, move the Targets to the FitPAWS Equipment, which the trainer wants to have the dog work out on. For instance place two targets on the side of the FitPAWS Peanut to help the dog learn how to place two feet on the ball. Slowly moving the targets on top of e.g. FitPaws Peanut. Fitpaws Targets, set of 4 flexible Targets (2 blue, 2 yellow) in the colours that dogs see best. 25.4 cm in diameter. 279927 1 www.kruuse.com FitPAWS® Targets, 4/pk, 2 blue, 2 yellow