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| 12 KRUUSE Rehabilitation Equipment 01 KRUUSE Rehab Hock and Carpal Protector Designed by ReDog of SwedenTM “When dogs suffer injuries in the lower leg joints such as from the hock and carpus joints, there are most often traumatic causes behind why they have occurred. In connection with these complex joints being injured, ligaments are often affected in some way. Either through rupture, bursting or stretching. www.kruuse.com KRUUSE Rehab The healing period is long and the dog needs a support around the joint so that it does not worsen the injury during the healing period. A well-adapted joint protector that repels water is important as the joint protector comes near the ground and easily becomes wet. A wet joint protector cools down the joint and impairs the healing process. The KRUUSE Rehab Hock Protector and the KRUUSE Rehab Carpus Protector are manufactured of Neoprene and are waterproof. Everything on the inside of the joint protector remains dry even under extremely poor weather conditions.” Stefan Rosén, ReDog AB