DIAG IM3 - Page 9

CEROS version 12 semen analyser 018687 with microscope + vdu + minitherm + motility If you require the objectivity and accuracy of automated analysis, but at a more affordable price, then CEROS is your best choice. External microscope allows computer to be stored under the lab bench to save space Familiar, standard microscope illumination Portable MiniTherm Stage Warmer maintains samples at 37°C X-Y stage movement increases number of fields available for motility and morphology 5 Adjustable micropipette MP200 from 20 to 200 µl (5) 005531 Adjustable micropipette MP20 from 2 to 20 µl (6) 005530 Clear tips for micropipette MP200 and MP20 (by 1,000) (7) 005208 6 W O R L D L E 7 A D E R I N R E P R O D U C T I O N B I O T E C H N O L O G I E S 9