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SEMEN EXAMINATION Automatic evaluation IVOS semen analyser version 12 018435 If high-end performance using the industry standard is key for your lab, then the IVOS is the best option. All optics components built into one integrated workstation Strobe illumination: provides sharpest imaging Automated, built-in, heated stage for precise temperature control and sample positioning Preselection of fields for fastest analysis Optional IDENT fluorescence software Data base management software 018438 Clinical filing software 018556 1 Accessories for IVOS and CEROS Leja 4 chambers slides (by 16x25) (1) 020110 0.5 to 5 ml micropipette MP5000 (2) 005529 Filters for micropipette MP5000 (by 2x100) (3) 005206 Filters for micropipette MP5000 (by 100) (4) 020100 2 8 3 4