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I NTEGRATED L ABORATORY E NVIRONMENT comment, adoption of innovative, technical advances and a powerful database. The system is also being further improved to enable compatibility and integration with the IVOS – Computer Assisted Semen Analyser. Please refer to the picture flow chart shown below to study how our system may assist you. Please contact a member of our technical sales team if you require any additional information on SMILE. 3 SEMEN PACKAGING TRACEABILITY FREEZING & STORAGE TRACEABILITY Integrated with the IS4, a state of the art machine for filling, sealing and printing of the IMV Technologies straw, SMILE further traces your collected semen. A barcode can be printed on the straws for further identification. When the semen packaging process is completed, the IS4 automatically sends the number of straws per sample back to the database (2). 4 The bar-coded straws can now be loaded into the Digitcool for freezing according to pre-set protocols. The Digitcool offers a “state of the art” method for straw freezing. Recorded in the database, is the batch code with the freezing curve, chamber curve, and inside straw curve. Human error is eliminated through automatic data collection (3). imv A complete 1 traceability 2 chain from collection to storage ! 3 W O R L D 4 L E A D E R I N R E P R O D U C T I O N B I O T E C H N O L O G I E S 7