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SMILE - S OFTWARE FOR THE M ANAGEMENT OF THE IMV Technologies originally conceived the concept of developing a user-focused lab management software in association with American, Dutch and French cattle AI stations over 15 years ago. Since then, many improvements have been integrated to enable semen analysis, semen processing, traceability and inventory following 15 years of customer 1 COLLECTION TRACEABILITY Electronic identification of the sire with wireless reader (gun) (1) Multiple database entry • Collector • Handler • Three fields to record collection events of interest (2) Transfer of database info to main computer LABORATORY 2 Linked to various equipment by an RS 232 connection, the data is automatically stored in the database. The database is an accurate and precise tool used by the lab staff and management to make knowledgeable decisions (1). After semen evaluation (2) (3), the quality assessment may be displayed on a large screen in the collection room (5). Barcode label production used to identify the semen collection throughout the process (3). Each collection may be assigned its own unique batch code for further traceability. Sample data sent to laboratory regardless of distance. The sire collection decisions can be pre-determined by management based on the powerful database available in SMILE (4). 1 2 1 2 3 4 3 4 5 6 Health Records Traceability Our reader (gun) can be used to record and monitor the blood sampling or various veterinarian treatments on the animal. 6