DIAG IM3 - Page 12

SEMEN MEDIA 1 Bioxcell CSS 2 x 500 ml Bioxcell CSS I&II QSF 5 litres (1) 018617 2 x 100 ml Bioxcell CSS I&II QSF 1 litre (2) 018754 2 CSS Two Step includes: 1 bottle of CSS I concentrated 5x 1 bottle of CSS II with glycerol concentrated 5x 1 bottle of antibiotics 100 ml Premix Oxyfree for bovine frozen semen (by 10) (3) 019804 3 Enrich your frozen semen media with a ready-to-use solution! Developed with UNCEIA and tested by the french animal insemination centers, its enriched formula contains a bovine semen specific additive which improves the non-return rates of bad or mediocre fertility bulls. In vitro tested with an IVOS CASA and in vivo tested on 3,600 first A.I. (1,800 with Oxyfree Premix, 1,800 with test samples), the Frozen Semen Oxyfree Premix brings significant results for 30% to 50% of bulls. Does not contain any product of animal origin. 4 1 litre sterile water (by 10) (4) 12 019757