DIAG IM3 - Page 10

SEMEN EXAMINATION Photometric examination Accucell bovine photometer with dilutor and printer 020215 Thin tube for semen sampling (by 1,000) 006452 Printer paper by 10 rolls 005378 Accucell bovine photometer 014475 A tool developed for an accurate measurement of the concentration of all types of ejaculate. Direct reading of concentration; absorbance or concentration calculation. Unit also calculates the volume of media to be added and potential number of doses Concentration: simultaneous display of the concentration and absorbance after a user defined delay Absorbance: real time display NEW Accuread bovine photometer 019956 Small and portable sperm cell density meter, Accuread operates on AC and battery. Direct reading of concentration through long lifetime LED source co X[Y]X\X [\K][\^\\[š[\Xۘ[][ۈ܈Xܘ[K[]\Y] ̈YŒ H H[ZXܛ\]HT L  MLBX\\܈ZXܛ\]HT L  H L B L [\܈T L ZXܛ\]H H L B L Y\XHZXܛ\]HT H  0[ MLBX\\܈ZXܛ\]HT [T  H K B LBY\XHZXܛ\]HT LH H L0[] K X\\‚ NLX\\܈ZXܛ\]HT L H K B L BX܈ ZXܛ\]\ JB MMMBY]X[ۜ‚ݚ[H[]܈ B LL[XH܈[Y[[\[ H K B L[\]\H܈Y]\ B M B[\\\H L‚ Lۜ[XX\܈Y]\L]]H܈Y]\ H ^ L B LMMBL[\وP][ۈKL  H L B MNNL[\وP][ۈKL  H L B NB‚