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BUSTER Scissors for regular grooming will ensure a tidy looking pet. Used to generous cutting for all types of coats. Designed to cut pet´s hair only, do not use to cut any other material. For medium/long coats. CARE BUSTER Scissors and Nail Clippers BUSTER nail clippers offer premium quality products for both cats and dogs. • Easy to control for accurate clipping • Precision cutting blade 275669 275670 275666 275667 Cat. No Description Colour Size 275670 BUSTER thinning scissors Pink 170 mm 275669 BUSTER scissors Pink 175 mm 275667 BUSTER nail clipper Pink Small 275666 BUSTER nail clipper Purple Large Tick Forceps Handy plastic forceps to facilitate removal of ticks from the skin of the animal. Place forceps around the tick by pressing button, rotate forceps approx. 2-3 times. 275511/275512 275510 Cat. No Description Colour 275510 BUSTER Tick forceps, improved model Orange 275511 BUSTER Tick forceps, bulk Red 275512 BUSTER Tick forceps, skin pack Red Flea Comb The classic flea comb in a solid and robust design. Description Colour 275505 Flea comb Blue 9 Cat. No www.kruuse.com