DIAG IM3 - Page 57

BUSTER nylon dog muzzles. A snug fitting muzzle with click-lock clamp. Adjustable strap. Machine washable. Cat. No Description Breed Size 279395 BUSTER nylon muzzle Yorkshire terrier and Papillon No 0 279396 BUSTER nylon muzzle Dachshound No 1 279397 BUSTER nylon muzzle Beagle and Cocker Spaniels No 2 279398 BUSTER nylon muzzle Labrador, Doberman, German Shepherd No 3 279399 BUSTER nylon muzzle Irish Wolfhound and Grand Danois No 4 279400 BUSTER nylon muzzle Rottweiler No 5 279401 BUSTER nylon muzzle Irish Wolfhound and Gran [\B  BM BTT[ۈ]^HB\HZ[\B V BM BTT[ۈ]^HB\XX[[[BRTSSST‚TT]^\[ۂTT]^\\X“XYHوۙXX[\X]HZ[ܘ[Y[ H]ۙ›X]\\ \ܚ\[ۂBYYB^B̌ BTT\X]^HB\[[ۋ[ܚ\H\Y\Xۈ\BB B̌ BBTT\X]^HB\[[ۋ[ܚ\H\Y\Xۈ\BB ̌ BTT\X]^HBX[B ‚̌ BTT\X]^HBܙ\\Y\Z\\Y\][Y\[Y[ X\[\Y\B ̌ BTT\X]^HBY[ۈ\Y\\[K\Y\B B̌ BBTT\X]^HBXYKܙ\YK\[Y[ K[\Y\B ̌ BTT\X]^HB[X]X[[[ \X[\\ [\[\[Y[B ‚̌ BTT\X]^HB[\]\]]Y]Y]\[ []Y]\B̌BTT\X]^HBܙۈ]\\X[\\ [\Y\Z[X\[\BB̌BBTT\X]^HB\\[ Y[[ ]Y\B LM‚] B˚ܝ]\KB