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TOYS BUSTER Food Cube KRUUSE´s iconic BUSTER Cube is an ingenious toy recommended by many animal behaviourists. Patented maze function for slow release of treats. Fill up the BUSTER Cube with food or treats to stimulate your dog both mentally and physically by encouraging natural hunting instincts. The tasty rewards keep your dog entertained for hours. Cat. No Description Colour 274080 BUSTER Food Cube Black 274081 BUSTER Food Cube Cherry 274082 BUSTER Food Cube Lime 274083 BUSTER Food Cube Purple 274084 BUSTER Food Cube table display for 8 cubes 2 per colour 274085 BUSTER Mini Cube Black 274086 BUSTER Mini Cube Cherry 274087 BUSTER Mini Cube Lime 274088 BUSTER Mini Cube Purple 274089 BUSTER Mini cube table display for 16 cubes 4 per colour BUSTER Treat Ball The perfect toy for activating your dog. Fill it up with treats. Made from durable ABS plastic. Patented maze function for slow release of treats. Description Colour Size 274401 BUSTER Treat Ball Red Small 274400 BUSTER Treat Ball Red Large 274402 BUSTER Treat Ball Blue Small 274403 BUSTER Treat Ball Blue Large 47 Cat. No www.kruuse.com