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BEDS BUSTER Dog Beds - Black The premium material used for the Buster bed is durable, easy to clean, and the complete bed is machine washable and dryable. Our Ripstop polyester makes a BUSTER Premium bed incredibly durable. The fabric is water repellent cleans easily and quickly with a damp cloth. BUSTER premium beds can be machine washed at 30 degrees. A BUSTER Premium Bed has low water absorption and dries quickly. Box Black available in extra large sizes. Sofa Cocoon Cat. No Description Colour Size 385325 BUSTER Box Bed Black/grey 60 x 90 cm 385326 BUSTER Box Bed Black/grey 70 x 120 cm 385374 BUSTER Oval Bed Black 50 cm 385375 BUSTER Oval Bed Black 70 cm 385376 BUSTER Oval Bed Black 80 cm 385383 BUSTER Oval Bed Black 100 cm 385377 BUSTER Sofa Bed Black 45 x 60 cm 385378 BUSTER Sofa Bed Black 60 x 70 cm 385379 BUSTER Sofa Bed Black 70 x 90 cm 385384 BUSTER Sofa Bed Black 90 x 120 cm 385380 BUSTER Cocoon Bed Black 45 cm 385381 BUSTER Cocoon Bed Black 65 cm 385382 BUSTER Cocoon Bed Black 75 cm 385385 BUSTER Cocoon Bed Black 100 cm 39 Oval