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BEDS BUSTER Dog Beds - Orangeade The fashionable design of the BUSTER Premium Bed collection is inspired by the 2014/2015 furniture trend. The premium anti-rip material used for the BUSTER bed is durable and easy to clean. There are no zips on the covers because the complete bed is machine washable at 30 degrees. BUSTER premium beds guarantee luxurious comfort for your pet. Box Sofa Oval Cat. No Description Colour Size 385405 BUSTER Box Bed Orangeade 60 x 90 cm 385406 BUSTER Box Bed Orangeade 70 x 120 cm 385415 BUSTER Oval Bed Orangeade 50 cm 385416 BUSTER Oval Bed Orangeade 70 cm 385417 BUSTER Oval Bed Orangeade 80 cm 385427 BUSTER Sofa Bed Orangeade 45 x 60 cm 385428 BUSTER Sofa Bed Orangeade 60 x 70 cm 385429 BUSTER Sofa Bed Orangeade 70 x 90 cm 385439 BUSTER Cocoon Bed Orangeade 45 cm 385440 BUSTER Cocoon Bed Orangeade 65 cm 385441 BUSTER Cocoon Bed Orangeade 75 cm 37 Cocoon