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BUSTER Walka boots are the latest addition to our wide range of socks and boots for dogs and cats. The boots protect bandages on paws during wound management. CLOTHING BUSTER Dog Shoes The shoe is snug fitting with sewn-on Velcro fastening strap. It has a very solid rubber sole that provides excellent support and insulation. Cat. No Description Size 161665 BUSTER dog shoe (Walkaboot), 1/pk Small 161666 BUSTER dog shoe (Walkaboot), 1/pk Medium 161667 BUSTER dog shoe (Walkaboot), 1/pk Medium / Large 161668 BUSTER dog shoe (Walkaboot), 1/pk Large BUSTER Dog Boots These BUSTER dog boots give perfect protection for working dogs when they explore ground and surfaces of extremely hard character, e.g. rocky ground, rubbish dumps and areas with steel shavings, broken glass, snow and ice. Cat. No Description Size 161607 BUSTER dog boot w/sole, 1/pk Small 161608 BUSTER dog boot w/sole, 1/pk Medium 161609 BUSTER dog boot w/sole, 1/pk Large BUSTER Dog Socks The sock, with waterproof sole, is used as a cover for paw-bandages. It has been made of rib-knitted cotton enabling the bandage to breathe and has been reinforced with a hardwearing and waterproof sole. The sock is pulled firmly upwards and fastened with pieces of sticking plaster. Description Size 161635 BUSTER dog socks D, 1 pair/pk X-Small 161630 BUSTER dog socks C, 1 pair/pk Small 161620 BUSTER dog socks B, 1 pair/pk Medium 161610 BUSTER dog socks A, 1 pair/pk Large 31 Cat. No www.kruuse.com