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CLOTHING BUSTER Active Dog Coat BUSTER Active is a warm and cozy winter dog coat for the active dog to wear during the cold and snowy winter days. It is fashionable in design and colours and it comes with a removable faux fur. The durable outer layer protects against water and wind and yet the coat is breathable and keeps the dog coat dry. The insulated inner layer is soft and helps keeping the dog warm during cold winter walks. It is easy to put on the dog and the waterproof adjustable double zipper allows the dog to wear a harness underneath the coat without getting wet. Adjustable leg strings and the adjustable stomach elastic make BUSTER Active fit more sizes. The reflective piping makes the dog more visible during the walk in the dark winter months. The functionality and features of the BUSTER dog coats are created to meet the canine needs. Features and benefits • Protects against water and wind • Water resistant • Easy to put on the dog • Adjustable on the