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CLOTHING BUSTER Aqua Dog Coat BUSTER Aqua is a fun and fashionable raincoat for dogs to wear on the walk on a rainy and chilly day. The outer layer protects against water and wind and keeps the dog skin dry. The long legged BUSTER Aqua raincoat protects the dog skin and fur all the way down to the legs preventing the dog from being covered in rain and dirt. A waterproof adjustable double zipper allows the dog to wear a harness underneath the raincoat without getting wet and the reflective tape on the legs makes the dog more visible during the walk in the dark winter months. The functionality and features of the BUSTER dog coats are created to meet the canine needs. 24 Features and benefits • Protects against water and wind • Water resistant • Adjustable on the front to fit several dog breeds • Adjustable double zipper • Reflective tape on the legs • Machine washable • Comes in 9 sizes • Removable hood • Fashionable Danish design www.kruuse.com