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The BUSTER winter jacket offers perfect protection of your dog in extreme winter conditions. The shell material makes the jacket fully water and windproof. CLOTHING BUSTER Outdoor Winter Jackets The inner fleece keeps your dog warm and makes the jacket comfortable to wear. Description Colour Size 284680 BUSTER Outdoor winter jacket Black Pepper XX-Small 284681 BUSTER Outdoor winter jacket Black Pepper X-Small 284682 BUSTER Outdoor winter jacket Black Pepper Small 284687 BUSTER Outdoor winter jacket X\\BX[ YY][B BTT]܈[\X]BX\\BYY][B BTT]܈[\X]BX\\BYY][K\B BTT]܈[\X]BX\\B\B BBTT]܈[\X]BX\\B S\B BTT]܈[\X]BX\\B S\B LBTT]܈[\X]BY[BB TX[ LBBTT]܈[\X]BY[BB TX[ LBTT]܈[\X]BY[BBX[ MBTT]܈[\X]BY[BBX[ YY][B LBTT]܈[\X]BY[BBYY][B NBTT]܈[\X]BY[BBYY][K\B MBTT]܈[\X]BY[BB\B MBBTT]܈[\X]BY[BB S\B MBTT]܈[\X]BY[BB S\B BTT]܈[\X]B]BB TX[ BBTT]܈[\X]B]BB TX[ BTT]܈[\X]B]BBX[ BTT]܈[\X]B]BBX[ YY][B BTT]܈[\X]B]BBYY][B BTT]܈[\X]B]BBYY][K\B BTT]܈[\X]B]BB\B BBTT]܈[\X]B]BB S\B BTT]܈[\X]B]BB S\B‚] B˚ܝ]\KB