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The BUSTER Gear collar guaranties a high quality durable product made from solid nylon that encases a soft foam filling. Reflective threads have been applied on to ensure greater safety during walks at nightfall. All these features are essential to the BUSTER Gear range of dog leads from KRUUSE. Available in three colours and four sizes. The 7-way leads is the ideal choice as the leads can be used in 7 different ways and adjusted to different purposes. Cat. No Description 383557 BUSTER reflective collar, adjustable 383569 BUSTER reflective choker 383593 BUSTER reflective lead 383581 BUSTER 7-way lead, reflective 383646 383560 383572 383596 383584 383649 383563 BUSTER H-harness BUSTER reflective collar, adjustable BUSTER reflective choker BUSTER reflective lead BUSTER 7-way lead, reflective BUSTER H-harness BUSTER reflective collar, adjustable S S S S S M M M M M L L Colour Size Red 10 mm, 28-40 cm Red 10 mm, 28-40 cm Red 10 mm, 1.4 m Red 10 mm  BYBL MLBYBMH M BYBMH M BYBMH KBYBMH BYBMH MLBYB MMHBYB MMHBYB KBTTYX]H\B NNBBTTYX]HXYB N BTT ]^HXY YX]HBYB B ͍MBTT Z\\BYB L MHB MBTTYX]H\Y\XHBYBH KMHBYBH KMHBYBH KBYBH BYBH KLL B MBTTYX]H\B ͌BTTYX]HXYB NLBTT ]^HXY YX]HB ͍BTT Z\\BNB MBBPQSTTT‚TTYX]HX\Y˚ܝ]\KB