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Catrine cat litter is the right choice when you want to match good quality with a good price, and no compromise is made as far as clumping, odour reduction and absorption is concerned. A safe hit with the customers! HYGIENE Catrine Cat Litter Properties • Clumping • Odour reduction • Absorption abilities • 99% dust free • Extremely economical in use: a packet will last up to six weeks 275026 275020 275031 Cat. No Description Colour Size 275020 Catrine Premium Super cat litter Purple 7.5 kg 275031 Catrine Premium Extra cat litter Blue 7.5 kg 275026 Catrine MAXI cat litter Pink 15 kg Dog bags Extra strong and durable bags for collecting your dog´s mess. Essential when taking your dog for a walk. Available in a box with 30 rolls of 50 bags each. Description Colour 274610 Dog bags black, 30 rolls by 50 units Black www.kruuse.com 13 Cat. No