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SEMEN EXAMINATION Automatic evaluation CEROS version 12 semen analyser with microscope+ video + minitherm + motility If you require the objectivity and accuracy of automated analysis, but at a more affordable price, then CEROS is your best choice. External microscope allows computer to be stored under the lab countertop to save space Familiar, standard microscope illumination 018687 Portable MiniTherm Stage Warmer maintains samples at 37°C X-Y stage movement increases number of fields available for motility and morphology New products include faster A.I. • GTB - our new exciting packaging system; which improves insemination efficiency and allows physiological self-insemination by the sow • COLLECTIS - Automated boar collection system designed to allow a single technician to “manage” multiple collection pens simultaneously while eliminating the need for technicians to collect boars manually • GEDIS - complete insemination unit with the semen and catheter “All-In-One”. Semen is packaged along the length of the catheter shaft in a collapsible membrane • ULTIMATE - our sophisticated CASA equipment (Computer Assisted Semen Analyser) produced and developed exclusively in association with Hamilton Thorne Biosciences • ACCUREAD - small and portable sperm cell density meter which displays results in direct concentration or absorbance • SMILE - a complete solution for lab semen production management including total traceability and powerful database • BTS/PRIMXcell/NUTRIXcell/TRIXcell/TRIXcell+/SafeCell+ - the new IMV range of extenders and biological media with built-in pathogenic control mechanisms • CAL-XCell - a system of swine management software designed for boar studs 6