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E D I TO R I A L Our strategic alliance with the worlds’ leading research centres, vet schools / A.I. professionals and our cogent partnership with an ever growing customer base enable focused practitioner research. We constantly strive to listen to our customer needs, ever changing in our competitive, technically driven industry. Our significant research and development budget identifies and focuses upon reproductive solutions that, when implemented, will make a financial improvement for you – ‘our customer’ – by increasing fertility % / fecundity – litter size / improving bio-security and maximising bacteriological control. We offer a portfolio of product lines that ensure the efficient collection / analysis / processing / validation / storage / traceability and dissemination of porcine germplasm – be it semen / oocytes / embryos. We work in concert with swine breeding companies to ensure the economic delivery of genetic development through artificial insemination. Please peruse this catalog to see if IMV Technologies have answered your needs, if not please contact one of our technical sales to ensure that we do satisfy your needs going forward. Several new exciting product lines have been added to the catalogue this year and we trust that they will be of interest – indeed, that they will be able to assist you and your team in achieving your reproductive strategy more efficiently. If you wish to contact us at anytime to discuss how IMV Technologies can assist your reproductive project further please do so.