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CRYOGENIC REPRODUCTION Freezing porcine germplasm semen/oocytes/embryos To reflect technological advancement and in order to show you what is available for use from IMV Technologies today, we have included a portfolio of equipment / media / storage and packaging systems. These technologies will enable you to potentially increase your product offering and investigate the utilisation of cryogenic or frozen gamete transfer to new higher margin markets. You may simply want to store quality gametes for a longer, protracted period or for large integrators ensure that you have a contingency plan should your boar stud centres undergo a disease / bio-security threat. The transfer of germplasm through bio-secure, high integrity vitrification straws and the bio-protection of the genetic material through high tech media could assist your reproductive or genetic project significantly. Contact us if you wish to: ask any further questions about the concepts / products or stratagem available store high index / specific genomic sires / dams (oocytes) / zygotes (embryos) under bio-secure, cryogenic conditions indefinitely freeze gametes concurrently with blood plasma at collection to enable a biological / cytological and virulogical reference of the donor animal long after the donor is deceased maintain commercially acceptable reproductive productivity at farm level following dissemination of gametes to markets closed to fresh gamete import link strategic genetic nuclei that are geographically isolated for health and bio-security reasons, this technology will significantly accelerate genetic improvement and reduce the selection and multiplication overhead Visit our website to further investigate or just call a member of our technical sales team. 26