DIAG IM3 - Page 19

Deep Goldenpig Concept III 018252 The Deep Goldenpig was created after significant anatomical study of sow / gilt reproductive physiology. The Deep Goldenpig was designed mainly to enable good fertility / fecundity at reduced sperm cell concentration in the inseminate. The concentration of sperm cell per dose can be significantly reduced as the inseminate is placed deeper into the reproductive tract. The Deep Goldenpig is a technically unique, modified insemination catheter that allows trans-cervical / intra-uterine AI. A surgically designed flexi-tube is inserted through the conventional Goldenpig which enables the user to circumnavigate through the females cervix. The insert is tipped with a 1 specially designed / engineered safety head which removes the risk of cervix / tract damage. Semen can then be deposited trans-cervically into the body of the uterus or within the uterine horns. The Deep Goldenpig accomodates the full range of IMV semen packaging systems: the Goldenbag and the new GTB bag. 2 Deep Goldenpig Concept III (by 500x1) 016311 Sterile lubricant 5 oz (by 5) (1) 019665 B-GEL 250 g (by 6) (2) 016235 Treatment pre- and post-farrowing 90 ml straight flask with clear plug (by 500) (3) 005398 Uterine treatment catheter 440 mm (by 10x25) (4) 007294 Vaginal treatment catheter 292 mm (by 10x25) (5) 006360 Goldenpig (by 500x1) (6) 006954 Sensitive red gloves (by 525x100) 021091 Pair of disposable boot covers (by 500) 021099 Disposable lab-coat (by 17x20) (7) 021096 4 3 5 6 W O R L D L E A D E R I N R E P R O D U C T I O N B I O T E C H N O L O G I E S 19