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Automatic packaging machines NEW GTB 1000: filling, sealing and labelling machine 020871 The GTB 1000 has revolutionized the perception of automatic semen packaging machines within boar studs. IMV Technologies have incorporated design features and modifications recommended by our customers. These changes have changed the way the range of automatic GTB packaging machines looks, operates and continues to deliver high quality / high integrity semen. The GTB 1000 is compact setting the new standard in computer controlled filling systems. The filling accuracy is significantly improved compared to all other automatic packaging machines with an improved volume tolerance of + / - 1g. The sophisticated and sleek design is simple to use and user friendly. Several built-in safety mechanisms will automatically stop the system in the event of a cycle failure. The GTB 1000 will fill / seal and label in excess of 1,000 bags per hour. One person is capable of not only running the machine but also of performing additional tasks while the GTB are being packaged. Runs with 6-bar compressed air - delivered without compressor Options Touchscreen 021732 Mounting arm 021734 GTB 500: filling and sealing machine 020870 Automatic filling and sealing machine for the GTB, this equipment incorporates automatic GTB movement with a peristaltic pump – validation has shown significantly reduced variation in the resultant inseminate volume compared with the GTB 200 manual fill / seal. The GTB 500 will allow 500 bags to be comfortably filled per hour, incorporating new welding apparatus which ensures perfect hermetic seal of the GTB. Runs with 6-bar compressed air - delivered without compressor Consumables GTB bags for GTB 1000 and GTB 500 (by 2x750) 020872 GTB bags for GTB 200 (by 3x500) 021595 Our Goldenbag remains available for other filling machines (by 5x1,000) 017133 W O R L D L E A D E R I N R E P R O D U C T I O N B I O T E C H N O L O G I E S 15