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FRESH SEMEN PACKAGING The GTB concept NEW Efficient, Ergonomic, Economic, Enhanced Fertility, Enhanced Fecundity The GTB is the latest evolutionary modification to IMV’s award winning system of artificial insemination. The GTB is easier to fill: a total of 1,000 units will be filled per hour routinely. The GTB is easier to seal: post-filling, a unique 100% hermetic seal, this seal enables a high integrity, bio-secure seal to product valuable genetic material. Compact, the GTB is easier to store when filled. The GTB is a practical, easy to use tipped insemination system. Can be used in conjunction with the Classic Goldenpig / Goldengilt and Deep Goldenpig catheter range without connector. The GTB has been designed to incorporate ‘softer’ higher grade plastic which responds in complete harmony with the rhythmic contractions of the sow’s / gilt’s reproductive system. Result fast, faultless AI. The GTB range of filling and sealing machines incorporate innovative, streamlined functionality – revolutionizing the look and feel of automated semen packaging. Manual filling machine 1 by 1 (GTB 200) GTB 200: manual filling and sealing machine 1 x 1 14 NEW 020869 Simple and reasonably priced, the manual machine fills and seals GTB. The bags move one by one in front of the filling station. The GTB 200 operates the filling function using a disposable needle and tube siphoning by gravity from the extended semen container. The semen flow is controlled by a manual flow clamp. As one bag is filled, the one in front is sealed. This efficient system allows the operator to package the semen doses with a single work station, reducing the amount of semen handling. The unit is easily cleaned. The output of the GTB 200 is 200 bags per hour.