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KRUUSE I Equine EQUIVET Clinch Cutter For opening the clinches to minimize the risk of damaging the horn when removing a shoe. Superior design and high quality stainless steel. Description EQUIVET Clinch Cutter I 05 ยท 99 Cat. No 220244 Equine Pocket Hoof Knife With stone picker, handy, folding type. Cat. No 220005 Description Pocket hoof knife Set of Hoof Knives Set consists of one strong handle and 5 diffrerent interchangeable blades. Cat. No 220006 Description Set of hoof knives in case KRUUSE Hoof Gel Contains: Salicylic acid 38% and Aloe Vera. Prepare the hoof by washing it thoroughly with a soapy solution or hydrogen peroxide and dry the hoof. Apply the gel to the hoof followed by a bandage that will withstand water and moisture. The bandage must be removed after a max. 48hours. In case of Equine Thrush, this procedure can be repeated as required. Cat. No 220402 Description KRUUSE hoof gel with salicylic acid 38%, 500 ml www.kruuse.com