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KRUUSE I Equine Castration KRUUSE has a wide selection of castration forceps to suit the needs of all equine veterinarians. In addition to these forceps, KRUUSE has developed the Castration Assist, an instrument that mechanically reduces the force needed to press the handles of the forceps tightly together. This decreases the risk of haemorrhage from the cord. I 05 ยท 94 Equine Sands Castration Forceps 200126 200121 Draws the cord concentrically into the jaws, thus preventing slipping of the cord. Haemorrhage is reduced to a minimum; ratchet holds forceps locked. The flexibility of the handles have been improved which makes the use of this instrument a lot easier. Cat. No Description 200126 Sands castration forceps 31 cm 200121 Sands Castration Forceps 31 cm, curved model HHP The curved forceps are especially well suited for standing castrations. Emasculator Serra Excellent emasculator for equine castration for one hand use. A concave cutting plate draws the cord concentrically into the jaws of the castrator, whereby slipping of the cord is avoided. The cord and surrounding strands are centrally gripped, pressed together and cut through. Reduces tissue slippage and post-op haemorrhage. Cat. No 200120 Description Emasculator Serra 36 cm Emasculator Reimer This forceps has a double crushing part. The cutting lever when in use is worked separately. This allows extra time for crushing action and diminishes bleeding. Cat. No 200122 www.kruuse.com Description Emasculator Reimer 31 cm