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KRUUSE I Equine EQUIVET Infusion Bag Swivel The infusion bag swivel comes with 5 hangers. Rotates to allow your patient to move freely without dislodging or entangling the IV set. Description EQUIVET infusion bag swivel I 05 · 92 Cat. No 230680 Equine EQUIVET Large Bore IV Set Horses may require tremendous amounts of IV fluids during a short period of time. Conventional smaller IV sets cannot meet the fluid demands of e.g. a 600 kg horse. The Large Bore IV Set increases flow rate up to 30 l per hour. This volume is necessary in severe colic and critical care emergencies. The diameter of the Large Bore system is twice the diameter of conventional IV drips. This translates into 16 times the flow rate of the conventional sets. Cat. No 230685 Description EQUIVET large bore IV set EQUIVET HiFlow Long-Term IV Catheter Traditional jugular catheters are made of Teflon which may crack or create a thrombosis if left in place for more than 48 hours. The polyurethane large bore over-the-needle catheter enables the catheter to remain for up to 30 days. The EQUIVET HiFlow Long-term (HFLT) IV catheter softens at body temperature. Common catheter-related problems, such as phlebitis, can be minimised with these polyurethane catheters. Non-thrombogenic and non-cracking. Can be safely left in the vein for up to 30 days. Suture wings with holes. Cat. No 122000 122005 122010 122015 www.kruuse.com Description EQUIVET HiFlow long-term IV catheter 16G x 3.00”, 10/pk EQUIVET HiFlow long-term IV catheter 14G x 3.50”, 10/pk EQUIVET HiFlow long-term IV catheter 14G x 5.25”, 10/pk EQUIVET HiFlow long-term IV catheter 12G x 5.25”, 10/pk