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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Dental Formula Cat. No 282474 Description KRUUSE Dental Formula, 250 ml BUSTER Dental Care Set Set with toothbrush and gum massager. Easy to use. An excellent tool for optimal hygiene of the pet’s mouth. Cat. No 270998 Description BUSTER dental care Set, 2 brushes Toothbrush Without Paste Cat. No 270997 Description Toothbrush without paste, 100 /pk Pet Clean Toothpaste Cat. No 275340 275330 I Dental Ingredients: Water, glycerin, alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, chlorhexidine diglyconate, polysorbate 80, aroma. Mixture: 1:3. One bottle of KRUUSE Dental Formula, 250 ml with 750 ml demineralized sterile-filtered water makes 1 liter of solution. Empty any remains of the solution before adding new mixture to ensure the correct mixing ratio. When mixed, use within 1 month. 04 · 87 KRUUSE Dental Formula, 250 ml, can be of benefit during use of the High-Speed handpiece. It reduces the burr cutting time, cleans the tubes of the unit and the mouth of the patient and also disguises foul odours. Description Pet Clean toothpaste, liver flavour Pet Clean toothpaste, enzymes www.kruuse.com