DIAG IM3 - Page 86

KRUUSE I Dental Demineralized Sterile-Filtered Water Description Demineralized sterile-filtered water, 5 l Dental I 04 ยท 86 Cat. No 340169 KRUUSE Silicone Spray For lubrication and protection of instruments. Prevents porosity. Does not contain CFC. Cat. No 161040 Description KRUUSE Silicone Spray, 200 ml NSK PANA Spray Plus Instrument Oil This oil is based on ester oil, which protects the surface from wear and tear. Comes with a nozzle for precise spray. Small oil drip bottle for precise application. Cat. No 282486 282488 X 3 X X 282486 www.kruuse.com 282488 Description NSK PANA Spray Plus, instrument oil with nozzle, 480 ml NSK oil bottle 5 ml