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KRUUSE I Dental Piezo Scaling Many vets prefer the ultrasonic Piezo scaling technique because of the linear motion in a longitudinal plane, low heat generation and less water requirement. Some water is of course essential to make sufficient irrigation for removal of debris and to cool the occurring frictional heat from the scaling. Dental I 04 · 82 The vibration from a Piezo scaler is generated from a series of ceramic discs or quartz plates in the handpiece. The motion range from 25-50,000 cycles/ second. The Piezo linear motion moves the tip back and forth in a shaving motion instead of a circular or elliptical motion like a magnetostrictive tip. This means that the scaling procedure becomes more acceptable, as it is to be used as a regular hand instrument, when the lateral side of the tip is against the tooth. It also allows the use of bladed curette tips and tips with lateral edges that can engage biofilm and calculus differently than a smooth, round tip. Piezo scalers work with small screw-in scaler tips and need to be mounted with a wrench. It is very important to keep an eye on the wear of the tip in order for it to perform efficiently and fast. If the tip is worn, it reduces scaler performance. Our NSK scaler is equipped with a guide, which shows, very clearly, whether the tip is worn and needs to be changed. You will receive a Varios Tip Card with every scaler and order more on 282502 free of charge. NSK Varios 170 Scaler The handpiece of the scaler is well-balanced, light-weight and slim, which gives you a good overview of the patient’s mouth. The Piezo scaler has a frequency of 28-32 kHz. The handpiece is attachable and autoclavable. NSK new technology, iPiezo engine ensures stable power output by automatically adjusting to the optimum vibration frequency depending on loading status, which offers you more effective treatment in all applications with a wide range of tips. The iPiezo controller offers exactly the right performance depending on the teeth’s surface and it guarantees a stable frequency output even during removal of heavy cases of tartar. The scaler comes with 3 tips installed in the wrench, easily mounted on the scaler. G 4 (282494), G 6 (282496), G 8 (282497). The tips can be autoclaved in the wrenches, so they are ready for use instantly. The handpiece is always controlled while not in use. www.kruuse.com Cat. No 282470 Description NSK Varios 170 Scaler, handpiece