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KRUUSE I Dental Burrs KRUUSE has several kinds of burrs and they all have FG (Friction Grip Shank) with a rounded end that fits all standard high-speed handpieces. I Burr heads are formed according to the kind of job they are to perform, where round and cross-cut taper fissure burrs are the most commen. Round burrs -To be used for caries excavation, cavity preparation, root canal access and osseous surgery. The smaller the number, the smaller the head. Cross-Cut Taper Fissure burrs are used for sectioning multi-rooted teeth and reducing crown height. KRUUSE recommends disposing of dental burrs after each use or autoclaving. If multiple use by autoclaving is applicable, please be aware that wear and tear of the burr may result in more pressure on the tooth and pronounced wear and tear of the handpieces, which can shorten their lifespan. Actual Size 44.5 mm HP Burr Actual Size 19 mm FG Cross-Cut Taper Fissure Burr Actual Size 16 mm FG Round Burr www.kruuse.com Dental 44.5 mm long HP Long Straight Shank Has a longer shank and is mainly used for trimming molars of rabbits and rodents. Fits into a 1:1 Low-Speed straight nose cone. HP burrs also work in thick bone for surgical, orthopaedic and endodontic use. 04 ยท 79 FG Friction Grip Shank Rounded end and fits all standard high-speed handpieces.