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KRUUSE I Dental NSK Contra Angle 4:1 Using a contra angle, compared to a straight nose cone, gives the vet the possibility of turning and locking the angle head to reach difficult areas of the mouth. 282466 n Reduces polishing from 40,000 to 10,000 rpm To be used with contra angle head n The contra angle and heads are fully autoclavable at 135°C n Can be used on all air-driven micromotors n 1-year warranty 04 · 78 n 282467 Dental I Cat. No 282466 282467 282468 Description NSK contra angle 4:1 NSK contra angle head for snap-on cups NSK contra angle head w/swing latch for mandril cups 282468 Polishing 282370 271127 271080 271121 282487 The first and only ergonomically designed prophy angle with a 90° reciprocating “back and forth” rotating motion that provides continuous contact and pressure on the surface of the tooth without catching muzzle hair or whiskers. This patented oscillating motion: n Eliminates splatter of prophy paste n Avoids cross-contamination n Eliminates frictional heat, making it friendlier on the surface of the tooth while protecting enamel Cat. No 282370 271127 271121 282487 271080 Description KRUUSE oscillating prophy angle with cup, 100/pk KRUUSE prophy angle, metal, for straight handpiece Polishing cups, snap on, blue, 100/pk Polishing cups, screw-in, blue, 100/pk Polishing cups latch style, 12/pk Prophy Paste Prophy paste with xylitol and fluoride. Fast stain removal and polishing. Easy to apply, low splatter, rinses easily. Use coarse grit when heavy stains need to be removed . 282372 282377 282373 282378 www.kruuse.com Cat. No 282372 282373 282377 282378 Description Prophy paste, coarse grit, red, mint , 2 g, 100/pk Prophy paste, medium grit, green, mint , 2 g, 100/pk Prophy paste, coarse grit, red, mint , 255 g Prophy paste, medium grit, green, mint , 255 g