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KRUUSE I Dental What is Warranty: We have started co-operating with well-established manufacturers in Canada and Denmark. We offer a 5-year warranty on our units and a 1-year warranty on our handpieces. KRUUSE BUILD-TO-FIT MEANS: Technical support and after sales service: We have educated our employees very thoroughly in our new dental equipment in order for them to handle any questions in connection with the handling of the instruments or any trouble that might occur with your units. We know that sending a unit in for repair is a hassle, therefore, we will try to solve as many queries as possible over the phone via first-line support in customer service or via our technical department. Flexibility Online help and education: We work continuously on developing photos and video clips, everything to make your downtime as insignificant as possible and to ease your daily routines with the units. Freedom Individual choices Environmentally friendly Innovation Perfect fit Solid foundation www.kruuse.com Dental I You know best what you want in your clinic. This is the thinking behind KRUUSE Build-to-fit. We deliver the flexibility so you can pick-and-choose between unit size, functions and last but not least: COLOUR. Use our Build-to-fit ordering chart and immediately see YOUR configuration and price. KRUUSE Dental Solution is quality and thought-through design and it is also flexibility, that gives you the right solution for your needs and makes upgrades/downgrades easier and more affordable. 04 ยท 69 KRUUSE Build-to-fit Flexible concept - Build your solution