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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Elevator Set, Winged, 1-6 mm, Stubby Handle, in Stainless Steel Case A stainless steel box for sterilization is included with this elevator set. Dental I 04 · 66 The set contains: 282336 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 1 mm, stubby handle 282337 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 2 mm, stubby handle 282338 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 3 mm, stubby handle 282339 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 4 mm, stubby handle 282340 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 5 mm, stubby handle 282341 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 6 mm, stubby handle e ent can b m u r t s in Each dividually in d e s a h purc Cat. No 282356 282369 Description KRUUSE elevator set, winged, 1-6 mm, stubby handle, in SS case KRUUSE instrument case stainless steel, 16.5 x 14 x 3.7 cm KRUUSE Extraction Set, Winged Elevators with Stubby Handles, 12 pieces in Stainless Steel Case A general set for tooth extraction with regular instruments. For smaller feline instruments, see 282366. The set consists of: 282336 – 282341 KRUUSE Elevator winged, 1 – 6 mm, stubby handle 282381 KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator double ended 282387 KRUUSE Extraction Forceps 282408 KRUUSE Needle Holder, Neivert 282349 KRUUSE Tissue Forceps, Adson Brown 282409 KRUUSE Scissor, Le Grange, serated 282350 KRUUSE Scalpel blade handle, No 3 n be ument ca Each instr ally d individu purchase Cat. No 282365 Description KRUUSE extraction set, winged elevators with stubby handles, 12 pieces in SS case KRUUSE Sharpening Stone Instruments that are used in treating hard tissue get blunt, and it is necessary to sharpen on a regular basis. If an instrument is blunt, it will compromise efficiency and results. Sharpening stones are to be used with water, oil or dry. 282371 282419 271004 www.kruuse.com Cat. No 282371 282419 271004 Description KRUUSE sharpening stone, drop shape, 8.8 x 1 cm KRUUSE sharpening stone, large, 15 x 5 x 0.75 cm Sharpening stone, round