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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Instrument Set, 5 Pieces, for Deciduous Teeth The deciduous teeth set is complimentary to a regular extraction set and consists of instruments for extracting deciduous teeth. Can also be used for rabbits and large rodents. 04 ยท 64 The set consist of: 282391 - 292393 KRUUSE Curved Deciduous Elevator, S, M, L 282394 KRUUSE Extraction Forceps, right angled 282390 KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator, Molt, No 9 Dental I Cat. No 282359 Description KRUUSE instrument set, 5 pieces, for deciduous teeth n be ument ca Each instr ally d individu e s a h c r u p KRUUSE Feline Instrument Set (cats/small dogs), 8 Pieces The feline set is specially designed for cats and small dogs. The combination enables the practitioner to conduct a full oral examination (including uncovering of feline resorptive lesions), and perform cleaning of all tooth surfaces - supra and subgingivally and tooth extraction. e ent can b m u r t s in h Eac dividually in d e s a h c pur The set consists of: 282347 - 282348 KRUUSE Elevator, straight tip, 1 + 2 mm, stubby handle 282395 KRUUSE Explorer and Measuring Probe, fine, cats/small dogs 282400 KRUUSE Extraction Forceps, small, cats/small dogs 282396 KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator, Double Ended, fine, cats/small dogs 282397 KRUUSE Resorptive Lesion Probe 282398 KRUUSE Sickle Scaler, fine, cats/small dogs 282399 KRUUSE Curette, fine, cats/small dogs Cat. No 282366 Description KRUUSE feline instrument set (cats/small dogs), 8 pieces KRUUSE Elevator Set, Winged, 1-4 mm, Standard Handle Small basic set of elevators with standard handles. The set consist of: 282330 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 1 mm, standard handle 282331 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 2 mm, standard handle 282332 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 3 mm, standard handle 282333 KRUUSE Elevator, winged, 4 mm, standard handle Cat. No 282360 n be ument ca r t s in h c a E ally d individu e s a h c r u p www.kruuse.com Description KRUUSE elevator set, winged, 1-4 mm, standard handle