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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Rabbit Molar Cutter It is possible to use the KRUUSE molar cutter as the first step when trimming overly long cheek teeth. Be very careful not to make cracks and fractures in the remaining tooth and avoid injuries to the gums and soft tissue. Use of the molar cutter before trimming the tooth further with the burr decreases working time and reduces the risk of overheating the tooth. 04 · 61 Description KRUUSE rabbit molar cutter, 14 cm KRUUSE rabbit molar cutter, 17 cm, L Dental I Cat. No 282320 282316 KRUUSE Rabbit Molar Teeth Extraction Forceps This instrument is slim and the jaws angled at 100° to facilitate removal of premolars and molars in rabbits. Cat. No 282317 Description KRUUSE rabbit molar teeth extraction forceps KRUUSE Rabbit and Rodent Tooth Rasps Our rasps are regular with two widths, narrow and wide. 282303 Cat. No 282303 282304 Description KRUUSE rodent tooth rasp, narrow KRUUSE rodent tooth rasp, wide 282304 www.kruuse.com