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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Cheek Dilators When working in the oral cavity of rodents, it is important to have as much visibility and space as possible. A cheek dilator expands the cheeks and provides good working space. 04 ยท 59 Description KRUUSE cheek dilator, S KRUUSE cheek dilator, M KRUUSE cheek dilator, L Dental I Cat. No 282307 282308 282309 KRUUSE Cheek Dilator, Curved The curved shape of these dilators provides good visibility and access to the back of the oral cavity as the cheeks are pushed away from the molar teeth. Cat. No 282312 282310 282311 Description KRUUSE cheek dilator, curved, medium, 2.2 cm KRUUSE cheek dilator, curved, long, 4.1 cm KRUUSE cheek dilator, curved, x-long, 6.0 cm KRUUSE Mouth Gag An alternative mouth gag is suitable for chinchillas, guinea pigs and small rabbits, when examining the oral cavity. Be aware that this mouth gag has a spring action, and it is important to take the anatomy and size of the mouth of small rodents into account when using it. Cat. No 282314 Description KRUUSE rodent mouth gag, wire KRUUSE Rodent Mouth Gag A mouth gag with screw thread separates the upper and lower jaw of the patient. The more you twist the handle, the more you open the mouth. Also useful when working with rabbits. Cat. No 282315 Description KRUUSE rodent mouth gag www.kruuse.com