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KRUUSE I Dental Rabbits and Rodents Dental I 04 ยท 58 Working with rabbits and rodents demands special hand instruments. KRUUSE has developed a range, which covers many of the procedures in this growing field of veterinary dentistry. KRUUSE Inciso r Luxator When extracting rabbit incisors, this instrument is a useful aid to loosen and break down the periodontal ligaments on the medial and distal side of the incisor teeth. Cat. No 282300 Description KRUUSE incisor luxator KRUUSE Molar Luxator An instrument for separating the periodontal ligaments on all sides of the premolar and molar teeth, when extracting rabbit cheek teeth. Cat. No 282301 Description KRUUSE molar luxator KRUUSE Spatula This spatula is the perfect aid for repositioning the cheeks and tongue when examining the oral cavity and teeth. Cat. No 282302 www.kruuse.com Description KRUUSE spatula