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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator, Rougine, double ended, Nordberg This double ended elevator is ideal for lifting the gum flap around dog´s/cat´s teeth. Model Nordberg. Description KRUUSE periosteal elevator, Rougine, double ended, Nordberg 04 · 53 Cat. No 282405 A single ended periosteal elevator is an important instrument when removing canines. The standard handle allows a different grip compared with the double ended elevator, and is used for lifting the gum flap in order to avoid soft tissue from being encountered with a burr when removing bone. Cat. No 282355 Description KRUUSE periosteal elevator, standard handle KRUUSE Deciduous Elevators, Curved Our curved deciduous elevators are made specifically for extraction of deciduous teeth - which can be a very demanding procedure. The three different sizes of deciduous elevators cover the large variety of deciduous teeth. The periodontal ligament is cut by the sharp elevator end, while the elevator tip follows the mesial and the distal curve of the root respectively. The elevators can also be used for rabbit and rodent incisors. Cat. No 282391 282392 282393 Description KRUUSE curved deciduous elevator, S KRUUSE curved deciduous elevator, M KRUUSE curved deciduous elevator, L Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 6 months old. Patient of Jens Ruhnau, Specialist Veterinarian, Dipl. EVDC www.kruuse.com Dental I KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator, Standard Handle